Plymouth - Wednesdays @ 7pm

Lyon - coming soon!

Every week at Mile City, middle and high school students love attending DRIVE! DRIVE is a high-energy, amazingly fun night which includes...


 awesome games (like foosball, pingpong, video games, spikeball, and more!)

 easy to understand lessons

 amazing leaders who really care

 a fun environment where it's not awkward to visit

 a safe experience (with qualified, background checked leaders)

 new friends

 ... and more!


We all know that culture and social media are influencing teenagers in different directions - and not all good directions. Our goal is to help students move in the right direction, toward God and His plan!

Attention Middle and High Schoolers!


Plan Your Visit to DRIVE Student Ministry

When you plan your visit, we will...

Meet you at the front door

 Help get you checked in

 Make sure you (parents!) get to meet our leaders

 Make sure you (students!) feel at home right away!

 Answer all your questions



The next generation is going to change the world. With social media, peer pressure, music and more, it's more important than ever to help students move in the right direction.


At Mile City we believe that moving together is better. We’ve created fun, safe environments that foster community and coaching. Whether they’re sitting in rows listening to great communicators, running around through our crazy activities with friends or in a circle with peers learning from a mentor, they’re guaranteed to grow. 


 safe environment

 healthy community

 great communicators

 crazy fun activites


Middle and high school students - plan your visit now! We'll connect you with a leader who will answer any questions and send you details about what to expect!



Easy to Understand Teaching

Students are delivered a message that meets them where they are in their life stage and development. Messages are designed to be engaging AND life-changing.



High Energy, Crazy Fun Events

We know there are milestones in a students adolescent development. Moments that shift the course of the students direction and trajectory. Our events at Mile City are designed to do just that. Shift your student’s direction and trajectory towards God. 


... plus, Mile City Students events are SO much fun. Your students will be begging to come back!