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Sunday mornings

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Address: 135 Main Street

Battle Creek, MI

Phone: (816) 597-5909

Have you ever felt like...

   you're not enough?

   you're doing life alone?

   life is overwhelming?


You're probably doing better than you think you are.


You're invited to Belief Church this weekend. Don't worry if you've never been to church before - that's okay!


Or if you have checked out a church, but you've been hurt? That's okay too. You're welcome here.


You won't feel uncomfortable, and you won't stand out. You can grab a cup of coffee and find a seat in the auditorium.


And your kids will have a blast at BKids. Plan your visit today!

When you plan your visit...

Scheduling your visit will make your life a little easier, in a few ways:


  • We’ll have an easy-to-find front-row parking space saved just for you
  • One of our greeters will meet you at the front door
  • Have kids? We’ll make sure they get checked in!
  • If you like coffee, it's FREE!
  • Our ushers will save you a seat in the service you plan to attend.

Pastor Chris and Rachael

Pastor Chris and his wife Rachael are passionate about reaching people in Battle Creek and beyond with the life-transforming message of Jesus!


Pastor Chris graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor's degree in Ministry. They have 2 kids and love spending time as a family. In his free time, Chris loves eating plant-based food, reading good books, and listening to pop music. 


Chris and Rachael can't wait to meet you and your family!


The Fight for Family

Ever feel like being part of a family is an uphill battle? Between drama and disagreements, it's easy to want to give up the fight. But don't give up - family is worth fighting for. 

The Fight for Faith

How's your faith? Are you struggling? Not sure what you believe? That's okay. Faith is a battle, but you're not fighting alone. Learn what's true, and how we can know for sure. Your faith is worth fighting for.

The Fight for Future

The future can feel like a big, scary unknown. But you don't have to face the future alone. Learn about community and be encouraged that God is with you, no matter what you face. The future doesn't have to be a fight.

When you come to church...

   you'll find your purpose.

   you'll find a welcoming community.

   you'll feel like you belong.


It's time for something better in life.


"Finding Belief Church was an incredible gift to our family. We knew we wanted to raise our kids to know God, but we didn't have any resources or support to do that. Our kids love the Sunday morning classes at the Battle Creek campus, and when we can't make it in-person, they love engaging with the livestream resources. My wife and I love the community, groups, and events. We feel welcome and connected - it's helped us grow our faith to the next level!"


"I was looking for a place to belong and people to call friends. At Belief Church, I found those things and so much more. I was greeted right when I walked through the door and immediately felt like I was wanted and welcomed. I was invited to a Welcome Party and got to know new friends. Now, I'm connected with a serve team and I know I'm making a difference in the world. I'm thankful to belong at Belief Church."

Your kids will love it here...

Sunday child care and kid's classes are available from newborn to 5th grade. Your children are important to you, and they're important to us! In kids church we are focused on providing a nurturing environment for children to learn and become who God made them to be.

Why Belief Church is Different

   we won't make it awkward that it's your first visit.

   you won't be confused by a bunch of confusing church language.

   your kids will beg you to come back because they'll have a blast!


Belief Church is different - and you're going to love it.

Need Directions?

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Belief Church  |  135 Main Street  |  Battle Creek, MI



Plan Your Visit


Show up on Sunday


Experience life change!